Baby Bedroom Furniture

Each room in your appartment or house has its own personality and depending on who stays there, it can be a unique display of tastes with a particular color or theme scheme. Bedrooms require certain pieces of furniture to make them comfortable, but since rooms vary in shape and size, you may have to use less or add more furniture. However, even a small room will look great with the right paint and decor.
The baby’s room is an exciting decorating challenge. Make this area a comfortable space where you and your baby can feel at ease. To achieve the feeling of relax, you’ll need to use decorations and furnishings that are both visually pleasing and comfy. Fun additions like pictures and cute toys are great for a baby’s room, but beware of letting the room become cluttered because this might add stress to its atmosphere. Make sure not to overdo things and keep it simple yet beautiful.
Baby bedrooms require various pieces of furniture and you will need time to choose from. You can either pick it piece by piece or buy the furniture as a set.

Some of the basic furniture for your baby’s bedroom includes:Baby Room

  • Storage. Drawers, shelves and other storage areas are  necessary for organizing the clothes, toys and other items of your baby. A couple of shelves along with a set of drawers are enough to store things.
  • Crib. Select a comfortable and safe crib for the room of your baby. Make sure it complies with safety standards and look for sturdy structure. On the market there are cribs made of different material, ordinarily kinds of wood. Also get a mattress and bedding suitable for the crib.
  • Rocking Chair. This one is great for feeding the baby or calming him or her down. Get a comfortable chair with padding and gentle motion.
  • Changing Table. Better choose a table with high sides to prevent the baby from falling. The changing table must be of convenient height. It will need padding for the baby’s comfort and shelf space for supplies. Read the lines below and you’ll learn some more information about the need of a changing table.

When selecting furniture for your baby bedroom, try to get pieces that match each other. If you choose to use hand-me-down or old furniture, repaint the pieces and give them a new life.

Choosing baby bedroom furniture design

In the recent years furniture manufacturers put in more effort toward production and marketing of kids room furniture. The choices are overwhelming, so here are a few tips for choosing baby bedroom furniture that will make both you and your little one happy:

  • Fix a budget. Use cash to buy everything, if possible, as you may not be able to pay for furniture after the baby is born, because of emergency expenses. Furniture for baby bedroom can be either inexpensive or expensive depending on the quality and versatility. You can also consider buying furniture online and take advantage of free shipping.
  • Longevity or versatility. When choosing furniture for the baby bedroom, you may either purchase expensive furniture that will probably last till their pre-teens or choose inexpensive furniture that will be changed easily as your children grow. Kids growth is inevitable, so you will have to buy bigger beds and make room for future siblings.
  • Make it fun. Infuse bright colours for your baby room, but if you are uncomfortable with them, better paint the walls in neutral tone and choose furniture of bright colour. Be creative and add matching area rugs and lighting fixtures.
  • Save some space for playing. Leave enough room for your kid to feel free when playing. Choose baby bedroom furniture design that won t fill up the whole room. Also see that there is enough room for his or her toys.

How to save on baby bedroom furniture?

Baby teeth marksSetting up a baby bedroom is quite emotional for expecting parents as they express their love for the new little one with every little thing they buy. Parents worry too much about having the perfect nursery, but the baby may only thank by leaving teeth marks on top of the crib. Better focus on the safety, not on the looks of the baby bedroom.
As we all want the perfect room for our child, we can easily spend a fortune on baby bedroom furniture that is used for a very short while, and is not even noticed by the occupant. You can save your money and provide an eye-appealing, yet safe room.

Here are several tips to save money on baby bedroom furniture and accessories:

  • Start shopping early. Probably you have about 8 months to set up the baby bedroom. To maximize your time and find the best prices, start looking early. The most money you’ll save if you have enough time to research.
  • Buy unfinished furniture. Purchase unfinished rockers, cribs, bookshelves and dressers to save money. Many websites and stores sell unfinished furniture. You’ll have the time to finish the furniture before the baby is born. Many merchants provide the needed easy to follow instructions.
  • Remember: baby furniture is temporary. The nursery furniture is used for a very short time, perhaps just 18 months. Since you will probably need only the crib for 3 years, it doesnt really matter if it matches the dresser.
  • Dont waste money on extras. Nursery furniture can include many unnecessary accessories. Actually, you don t need drawers under the crib (these are quite inconvenient, by the way), or uniquely styled (round) cribs with special bedding. These items seem appealing, but you pay more for no extra value.
  • Dont over-buy. Before you buy a dresser, crib, rocker, toy chest, changing table and all the items your baby may need, consider the size of the baby room. Choose only the most important pieces of furniture and focus on buying these items. Also think about ways to maximize the space when you arrange the furniture.
  • Customize inexpensive furniture. You can customize your baby bedroom furniture for a few dollars. Paint wooden handles, shelving and knob pink or blue. Add a painted panel to the toy chest to infuse charm to the nursery.
  • Rent out furniture between kids. Consider renting or selling the furniture to another family to compensate for the purchase. Just make sure to get the furniture back for your next little one, and inspect the returned for damage. Also review the website of the manufacturer before reusing the crib, to ensure it has not been recalled for any reason.
  • Make long-term purchases. Choose to buy adult-sized furniture instead of a small set of bookshelves or tiny dresser for the baby`s room, so your kid can use after outgrowing the crib.
  • Shop in discount stores. Look for the best deals in stores like IKEA. Watch for sales and look for clearance racks at off-price retailers.PlayYard
  • Skip the cradle. Many parents prefer to have their babies sleep in their bedroom during the first few months as it helps the baby to bond with them and makes breastfeeding easier. Instead of buying a pricey cradle for your baby bedroom, save money by putting temporarily a play yard or the crib in your room.
  • Use a play yard. If it costs much to buy a crib, consider buying a play yard, often called Pack N Play. Babies can comfortably sleep in it.
  • Buy an inexpensive crib. When considering to buy a crib, the most important factor is safety. Cribs are ranked 3rd among the nursery products causing injury. Federal guidelines are often revised and companies frequently recall cribs. Its better to buy a new crib for the baby bedroom. You can spend $100, or you can spend $1,000 to buy a new crib. However, all new cribs must meet federal regulations, so your baby is as safe in a crib for $100 as he or she is in a crib for $1,000.
  • Budget for a mattress. Usually cribs don’t come with mattresses and you’ll have to budget for this purchase as well. Buy a safe mattress for your kid as it is of great importance for protecting him or her from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Get a firm mattress fitting snugly in the crib.
  • Dont buy a separate changing table or dresser. These take up space. You coud put a changing pad on the dresser, and use it as a changing station to save money and space inside the baby bedroom.
  • Plan to change your baby s diapers on the floor. May be this sounds unsanitary, but a wealth of parents change diapers on the floor day and night. This method of changing always works, because it eliminates the risks of your baby falling from the changing table once he or she becomes mobile.
  • Safety should be first in your mind when you choose baby furniture. Better buy a new crib and a new mattress, and save money on any other baby bedroom furniture by buying inexpensive or used items. Remember that nursery furniture is not a permanent fixture at home, unless you plan to have more babies. Be creative, have fun and prepare your babys room with love – that’s all he or she needs.
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