Bedroom Furnishings

Your bedroom is your private place for relax during the day and sleep during the night. Getting home after a busy day means you’ll surely wish to lie down, fall sleep and recharge. For sure, having a quality rest depends on the bedroom furnishings.
A bedroom is not a bedroom without a bed. But aside from a comfy bed, it needs standard furnishings like a closet, dresser, desk and night stand. Some bedrooms even feature their own private bathrooms while other have a balcony where you can have a breath and a good view.
We spend one third of our life in bed as we sleep around eight hours during the night and sometimes take a nap during the day. As we all are busy people, we have to let our bedroom reduce the stress and increase the chances for relaxation. Let’s try to make it a calm sanctuary. Here, we shall give you some interesting tips for decorating and furnishing the bedroom.

How to choose the right bedroom furnishings?

Classic-Furniture-BedroomsSometimes, bedrooms are quite tricky to furnish. You probably have interesting ideas about what you need to put in there, but have in mind that bedroom furnishings will truly impact the room. Whatever style you choose for your bedroom, the furnishings can either take away from that look or complement it. Beds, tables, bedside tables, dressers, desks and decorations are all types of bedroom furnishings. Think about the size of your spot for relax and what you need before making a decision what furnishings to include.

Bedroom furnishings boast a wide variety. They range from classic to modern and whatever look you prefer for the room, you can provide furnishings that will go with a particular style. Probably one of the best ways to have furniture pieces that perfectly match, is to buy a bedroom set. Such sets come with pieces of bedroom furniture that all go together well and look great.

The bedroom furnishings you choose will definitely add personality to your space. Simple pieces give the area a modern look, while elaborate and fancy design can lend a classic look to the bedroom. Furnish the bedroom with warm colors if you want to give an energized feel to it. To make the bedroom a relaxing area, try cooler colors like purple or blue. Whatever effect you choose, make it happen with the the perfect colors and the right style of furnishings.

10 Bedroom furnishings tips:

  • Which is the right bed for you? If you buy a large one, your bedroom will seem small. If you use a little one, it will look awkward. Choosing the right size of your bed is the primary thing that could make your bedroom look good. Choosing a good mattress is the other side of the coiMatressn.
  • Which is soft and comfortable for one, could be not so relaxing for you. The perfect mattress is the thing in your bedroom that deserves the investment most. If you can’t get the quality sleep you need, you won’t be able to appreciate the beautiful bedroom. Look at objective measures to compare the different mattresses available on the market. Consider the type of steel and foam used; if the coils are individually-wrapped, and make the bed responsive to your body. Remember that a high-quality mattress could last 15 years, and a cheap one, half that.
  • What is the right amount of pillows on your bed? It should be enough so that your bed looks attractive when properly made. If getting into bed requires half an hour of excavating, better think about it. The right number is somewhere between one and five, depending on bed’s size.
  • What is the right flooring material? Please, don’t use cold flooring, such as ceramic tiles, marble or granite for your bedroom. Make use of wood, laminated flooring, or carpet. You wouldn’t feel happy to start the new day after getting out of bed and stepping on the cold floor. Consider carpeting the whole bedroom floor, not only to reduce noise. Do yourself a favor – make sure your first steps into the day are comforting and cushy.

Bedroom Wall Decor

  • Choose the right wall decor, color for fabric and curtains.
    Some people prefer wallpapers or have the bedroom artistically painted with unique texture. Others choose to save on wall decor, paint it with warm colors and place beautiful framed pictures. When you choose the curtains and bed cover, consider the color of your bedroom. Make sure it will look good. You can choose lighter fabrics if your bedroom is dark and dark fabrics if your bedroom is light. Lots of people want to make their bedroom easier to sleep and prefer using dark curtains so that the bedroom looks a bit dark even during the day. If the walls are dark, better use light colored curtains.
  • Choose the right lighting. Instead of putting lights in the middle of the ceiling, choose up lights, pin lights or lampshades for your bedroom. Using such types of lighting will give a restful mood to your private space. It would be easier for you to rest with such an ambiance.
  • Consider the traffic in your room. It’s of great importance to have a good traffic in the bedroom. Arrangement of bedroom furnishings greatly affects the traffic. Leave at least 24- inch wide traffic lanes. Clear your path to the bathroom so that you would not stumble on anything during late night trips towards it.
  • The smart storage space is among the most important pieces of bedroom furnishings. The cabinet in your bedroom is where you’ll place clothes and other belongings. It’s advisable to ensure extra space to make sure the things are well kept. Save space by being wise in placing furnishings. Your bedroom should be neat, clutter-free and well arranged. Having enough storage space will help avoid clutter.
  • A collection of things you love will make you smile in the morning. Make sure they are positioned in your line of sight upon waking up. However, the bedroom is not the right place for your family photos. Leave them in the other rooms and keep the artwork in your bedroom less emotionally loaded. A calming and elegant photograph evokes good feelings, without reminding of specific people when you are trying to fall asleep.
  • Even the brightest bedroom needs an element of sexy glamour. The theatrical chandelier, over sized gray headboard or moody wall paint does the trick. Include some clean touches of white to keep it away from looking like a bolder the balance is the key. Stick with a couple of pieces and you’ll get it.

How to make the bedroom look larger?

If you wonder how to furnish a small bedroom, prepare to get a few great ideas and enjoy making your bedroom as functional as possible.

  • Consider built-in storage. Think creatively about the usage of your furniture. For example, drawers can double as bedside tables. A shelf above the picture rail offers a neat solution for decorative objects’ display.
  • Eliminate clutter and use only necessary bedroom furniture. If you can, free up some floor space by pushing a chest of drawers into the walk-in closet. Another good idea is to utilize the area under the bed with storage containers.
  • Use a headboard, but do not use a footboard for your bed to keep it visually low. Opt for something different from a 4-poster bed, which will take up the whole space and make the room look smaller.
  • Keep all furniture and the rest of the color scheme light. Light colored walls, floors, bedding and furniture will make the room seem much bigger.
  • Add bedside tables only if the space allows. If you read in bed, you’ll find these very helpful.
  • Try to make room for a comfortable chair. On a sick day it will be great for a company, as well as for reading or daytime resting.
  • A small and delicately proportioned lady’s desk will add some luxury to your bedroom. So will a restaurant cafe table draped with quilts.
  • Bring in mirrors. Lighting and mirrors play a key role in making the bedroom feel larger, but consider them carefully.Bedroom Lights decoration
  • Among all rooms at home, the look of your bedroom should be the most relaxing. Your bedroom furnishings and interior design will inevitably affect its ambiance and atmosphere. Your bedroom will reflect your personality and tell much about who you are as a person.
  • Our last piece of advice concerning bedroom furnishings, though hard to follow in our increasingly-connected world, is that your bedroom is about sleeping. Leave i-everything at the door and you will be healthier and happier. Yes, hat goes for the TV, too. It’s up to you to make your bedroom the perfect place for rest.
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