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tahoe lake view

6 Best places to buy a Winter Home in the US

Do you have any ideas about the best winter escape? Would you trade your down jacket and boots for shorts and flip-flops, or you’d rather pack up your snowboard and skis and head for the slopes? Do you prefer to own a place by the beach or at a mountain’s… Continue reading »

craftmans home interior

Simple Home Makeover Ideas

Sometimes, all you need is to update and our simple home makeover ideas are just for the purpose. If you are not ready for a major refit or your home only needs a facelift to look new again, consider the fresh upgrades these homeowners have made. These are not on… Continue reading »

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How to Improve Your New Home

Probably you can t wait until putting your own stamp on the new home of yours after closing. If you are a DIY enthusiast and don’t want to live in a home looking like construction zone, there are certain projects to tackle before moving in. Sorting out the where, when… Continue reading »

Closet Walk in design

Walk in Closet Design Ideas

Make your dressing pleasant and stylish ­ choose your favorite style: minimalist, glamour or classical. Add much mirrors and light to see yourself from all sides, put a colorful pouf to make an accent. Pink closets are better for glamour girls, the dark ones seem masculine. Minimalist or modern style is good for… Continue reading »

Kids Storage Box

Kids Toys Storage Ideas

Are you one of the loving parents who rush into the shopping center every time your kid requests a new toy? What is always overlooked is the toy collection storage space. The toy storage cabinet can be a really good educational media. As a parent, pay attention and solve your storage… Continue reading »

Modern Kitchen Stone Floor

How to Make the Old Kitchen Look Modern?

If the design of your old kitchen is from decades ago, perhaps it’s time to modernize it. Currently, there are plenty great ideas on the market, including innovative materials, modern appliances and creative use of colors. With manufacturers coming out with brand new materials there are no reasons not to… Continue reading »