Few Landscaping mistakes

During the spring and summer many citizens love landscaping their gardens and yards. This way family functions start moving from indoors to the private backyard. Maintaining a beautifully landscaped space can be rewarding, but it can turn to be quite costly if you aren’t careful enough. From landscaping design to maintenance, there are a lot of costs hidden in maintaining the appearance and health of a landscaped yard. Following are five quite common landscaping mistakes, any of which could cost you a lot.

shoked lady Don’t go to extremes

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of citizens make is to tackle the task of garden landscaping without a defined plan. Many clients suffer from “sticker shock” due to the sheer cost which landscaping entails. Compare the price of plants and flowers carefully and try multiple locations before you choose the nursery to supply the blooms for your home garden.

Planting trees in tiny spaces

A huge mistake made by some consumers is planting largetree roots bushes or trees in tight spaces. At first, there may not be a problem. However, when tree’s roots start to grow you could be in for an unpleasant surprise. Tree roots are capable of lifting sheets of pavement and interfere with other plants, thus becoming a real nuisance. You may have to pay for repairs because of cramped roots, or even have to hire a service for tree removal. Prior to planting a bush or tree, ensure that you have space enough for the plant to grow into its adulthood.

Home covered with invasive plants
Invasive plants: beware!

Invasive plants are such types of plants that can spread rapidly, feature wild roots and survive under harsh weather conditions. Plants like Oriental bittersweet vines and purple loosestrife are considered invasive. They can make your garden look like a muddle and you’ll have to pay a gardener a lot to remove the tangle of invasive plants.

Consider climate and season

Though you may have fallen in love with a specific plant at the nursery, it is of great importance that you take season and climate into consideration. If you live in arid climate, it’s more cost effective to but hearty plants that woould not droop under the blistering heat of the sun. Opt for trees and flowers that will thrive, instead of wasting money on plants that are incompatible with your climate.

Have in mind the maintenance costscosts for land shaft

What many people overlook when selecting blooms at the nursery is the price they will have to pay in maintenance costs regularly. The costs of maintaining a nicely landscaped garden can be stunning if you have a big garden full of high-maintenance plants. Before designing your garden, take into consideration how much you’ll have to pay in upkeep costs and maintenance. Not all plants are easy to care for. Rather than going blind to the nursery, research the costs associated with the maintenance of the plants that you select.

Landscaping your garden or yard can be a relaxing and rewarding experience. However, keep in mind that it may lead to many hidden costs. The flowers themselves are quite costly, but sometimes the cost of maintaining your garden or yard can be really staggering. When designing a garden of your own, allow optimum room for tree growth and choose hearty plants compatible with your area’s climate and the season. Protect your wallet by gardening know-how and common sense.

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