Stylish Interior Decorating with Gray Wall

Grey is a neutral color. It is often used for creating peaceful atmosphere and artistic impression. Grey color is appropriate for designing the living room in order the residents of the house to feel its tranquility when gathered together.

Gray Wall Design Idea

If you don’t want the grey color to make your living room seem stiff and cold, mix it with brown, so the room remains a warm place and gives a sense of familiarity. In addition, you will benefit from the comfortable impression following any combination of two colors.
Gray Decor
Choose the shades of grey as color components for the basis of the entire room: floor, ceiling and walls. Grey color will make the living room look spacious. You can apply grey again for casual furniture, such as the cushions on your sofa, which could also be greyed out.

Also use grey color for accessories stretched across the living room. This way, an impression for more modern and luxurious look will be created. While brown is more appropriate to use for table furniture, cabinets, buffets and storage, its presence can reduce the negative effects of grey shades’ dominance and keep the room warm.

For a fresh impression, give a few white sweeteners, such as Hisa lampshade hanging above the desk, or place a vase on the shelf. You could also create wall openings of glass that can be connected with your beautiful garden.

Wall Painting Ideas