Kids Toys Storage Ideas

Are you one of the loving parents who rush into the shopping center every time your kid requests a new toy? What is always overlooked is the toy collection storage space. The toy storage cabinet can be a really good educational media. As a parent, pay attention and solve your storage problems with smart toys. Following are some easy to do kids toys storage ideas.
Kids Storage Shelf
Colored cabinet doors.
The cabinet doors can become an easy means of learning to recognize colors. Choose the base color to be clear, and not to be a color of the mixture. Kids are getting confused with the composition of mixture. By the time they learn to recognize colors, it is best to know the basic ones first.

The cabinet doors can be ornamented with letters. This way, children will be also taught to recognize letters. A good idea is the letters to prepare kid’s name. In addition to letter ornaments, the doors of the cabinet can be decorated with child’s favorite picture.

Kids Storage
Learning to categorize with images, or how to classify the toys’ types. A car, stored in a drawer, can be categorized with a picture of a car’s door. Animal groups can be stored in a drawer with a picture of animals. This way, the toy cupboard turns into a multi-media educational tool.

The upper corner of the toy storage cabinet has to be made curved, in order to avoid accidents.Once your kid has his/her own place of storage for all toys, train the child to take advantage of it. Your kids will easily learn to be responsible for the neatness of their rooms and will know that toys should always be returned to the space provided.

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