Choosing Perfect Holiday Decorations

It does not really matter if you are looking for the greatest Christmas tree decorations or outstanding Halloween window dressings. Probably, all you need is your home to reflect your personality and the feelings of the holidays. Everyone has a simple definition when it comes to choosing the best holiday decorations. The real question, however, is not which are the perfect ones, but how to choose YOUR perfect holiday decorations.

As is usually the case with fashion- or holiday-related decorating, everyone has a different taste. This means that no one can actually determine what is beautiful and what is not. Even though, there are guidelines that everyone can use (regardless of the holiday) to help in choosing the best holiday decorations.


The best decorations are usually those that have a theme. Many times the theme is the holiday itself (imagine Halloween, and its spooky flavor). When you start looking for Christmas tree ornaments, virtually there is no end to the themes you choose from. Possible themes’ examples include animated movies (Winnie-the-Pooh, Disney characters, etc.), sci-fi (tiny spaceships), or homemade.

home christmas decorationColor

Keep in mind color when you choose the decorations that you’d like to use for your holiday festivities. Colors help to set the mood for all holidays. Everyone seems to know the cliche colors like orange and black for Halloween, oranges and browns for Thanksgiving, and silver, gold, reds, greens, reds and blue for Christmas. However, any color combination could work for holiday decorations, as long as you remember that these colors have to reflect your personality.


When you decorate a Christmas tree, your front window, or a table, you need to have in mind that everything has to be balanced. “Moderation in all things” is the most important principle when using decorations. Holiday decorations are aimed to enhance the ambiance of your home, and not to detract by creating a cluttered feel.


It doesn’t matter what your theme is, what colors you choose, if you are not consistent because consistency is maybe the most important part of any decorating endeavor. Using holiday decorations makes no difference. What this means is you have to keep your use of theme, color, and even balance the same throughout your home while decorating. Strive for a natural flow or progression when going from one room to another.


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