Picking the Best Christmas Tree

Christmas times have changed. Years ago, people considered the “plastic” trees looking too fake, and thought that if they got one, then their home would look unattractive and shabby. Some even stated that there would never be an artificial tree in their homes. Fake Artificial Tree

If you are in for an artificial tree, then you’ll have to prepare for some news. Far and away are the days when it was easy to spot the plastic “pine” needles which couldn’t have fooled anyone. Now you’ll just need to take as much time and care when picking the best artificial tree as you would when picking a natural tree.

The reason is that the Christmas trees’ quality has much improved – even to the point that often you can’t tell the difference which one is the artificial tree and which is the natural one, by sight. Some trees today even come with an “authentic” pine scent.
Follow our simple tips which can help you inspect your choices for what to bring home. You won’t go wrong and will definitely end up with a Christmas tree that is going to have your family talking about it year after year.

 Size and spaceartificial christmas tree

Take your time to measure the room and the location to put the tree. This information will help you to determine how big tree you can fit into the space. Be sure to take special interest in the tree’s height. Getting a tree that can’t fit into your room is very frustrating. It should not be difficult to deal with it since the measurements are specified on the outside of the box. You’ll just need to match the room measurements with those on the box.


There is not just one type of natural Christmas tree, so there’ll be more than a single type of Christmas artificial tree as well. Each species has a unique look, color, shape and total feel. Prior to buying a Christmas tree, do your homework into the 4 most popular species, including the Douglas, Fraser, Noble, Scotch pine and Spruce firs.


Full Christmas TreeNarrow Christmas TreeSlim Christmas Tree


When it comes to Christmas trees, there are 3 overall shapes: full, narrow and slim. Typically, the perfect shape for a tree is the full as it is more of a cone shape than anything else.

However, if you need your tree to fit into a smaller or tighter location, then you’ll have to look at the narrow and slim shapes. Keep one thing in mind – don’t buy a creature that looks like an “overgrown pencil”. Trees like that look fake and must be avoided.


Some of the modern trees come pre-decorated to some extent. This includes any decoration from LED lights to a completely decorated with ornaments trees. However, there are Christmas trees that do not feature any decorations for the traditional minded. Probably, such a Christmas tree could be the best for you – follow your imagination and holiday spirit to decorate it together with your family!

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