Simple Home Makeover Ideas

Sometimes, all you need is to update and our simple home makeover ideas are just for the purpose. If you are not ready for a major refit or your home only needs a facelift to look new again, consider the fresh upgrades these homeowners have made. These are not on the market for a new look, but will sure save you the blueprints and hassle of architects, as well as your money.

The costs will vary, depending on how deep you delve into the renovation. However, a few new touches and a bit of paint will do a great job for inside and outside of your house.

How the sad tiny bungalow got a fresh, beautiful face?bungalow before and after

This home makeover idea goes to show what a few updates, some elbow grease and a lot of determination can achieve. It’s the epitome of fascinating, but the beginning was a bit rough.

The bungalow shown here was in poor condition before it was transformed into a charming home. To accomplish the look, the facade was wiped clean and the whole house was given a fresh face. The job did not require new siding, but had to be aggressively stripped for the new paint. The picket fence is renewed, but the concrete steps have just been repaired, not replaced. Where there was a big awning across the front of the house, you can see now the porch ceiling with new fans.

How row house kitchen changes to brightTraditional Kitchen?

Row houses are quite challenging to renovate, especially when the word comes about their kitchens that are usually small and don’t leave many design options. In the shown row house kitchen refit, minor changes have made a big impact that brightened and tremendously opened up the space.

In row houses, windows are in short supply. The home in the picture originally had the sink positioned along the dark side wall. The refit has located the sink under the window to the room’s back, which is much more appealing. The dishwasher and range worked well where they previously were, so their locations have not been changed. Brighter stainless replaced the dark appliances.

Craftsman update left old remodeling behind.

craftmans home interior


Craftsman homes can look dark and heavy because of the huge amount of wood incorporated throughout their interiors. This is the reason why lots of craftsmen have gone through various renovating stages through the years.

The craftsman home we represent to you, still had its good bones, but looked dated and unappealing with brass chandelier, striped wallpaper and dark brick fireplace. To bring the dull room into a new life, the owners have decided to brighten it up.

Paint is a permanent commitment to consider on bare brick. Our homeowners have elected to enclose their brick fireplace and surround it with wood trim, painted in white, which brightens the whole room without need to permanently alter the brick. The pair of bookcases that flank the fireplace adds bulk which balances the space and adds storage. Fresh white paint on the walls and a new floor have rounded out this renovation with no need of building plans.

Updating your home is not always a major undertaking and doesn’t have to involve building commission. Create a whole new look by simple home makeover ideas. Opt for a few little changes that may have a dramatic impact. It all depends on how much effort and money you wish to spend.

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