Walk in Closet Design Ideas

Make your dressing pleasant and stylish ­ choose your favorite style: minimalist, glamour or classical. Add much mirrors and light to see yourself from all sides, put a colorful pouf to make an accent. Pink closets are better for glamour girls, the dark ones seem masculine. Minimalist or modern style is good for a double closet and the one side will be for you, the other for your partner. Don’t hesitate to use different patterns, look for some fresh ideas and enjoy!

Whether it’s simply a spot to store clothes or your walk­in closet needs to double as a dressing/sitting room, it must be durable, adaptable and convenient to use. A handful of ideas can improve the functions of any walk­in closet, regardless of its size.

But before getting started, here are a few questions you should ask yourself about:

Walk in closet design

  • Do I want a place to sit?
    For putting on socks and shoes you’ll feel more comfortable if you have a convenient chair.
  • Do I want to look at myself in the mirror?
    Get at least 3 feet away from the mirror. Also make sure it is in a place that can not be blocked (the back of a door, for example).
  • Do I plan to iron where my clothes are?
    The flip­down ironing board will save space. If two people share the walk­in closet it’s important to decide first how the items will be organized to suit the needs of each family member.

Start by categorizing your clothing into piles. Use storage containers and stow away clothing that is out­of­season ­ place it on a shelf until needed. Locating your clothing will be easier if you buy hangers in a particular color for each family member.

Hang hooks on the wall to keep ties, belts and scarves organized. A shelf on the floor or shoe rack is also helpful to keep shoes in one place. If drawers are available, use dividers that can help keep small accessories from becoming a mess.

How to improve your walk in closet?

Take advantage of vertical dimension and all available space, down to the floor and up to the ceiling. The abundance of space in a walk­in closet usually makes disorganization look impossible. However, while it might appear that tall ceilings would leave no room for clutter, some organization techniques are necessary for keeping your walk­in closet free of mess. Use some pre­designed solutions with various storage options, such as built­in closet rods, shoe rack, shelves and drawers. Not only do these systems allow assembly, but provide time saving accessibility. Invest in slim ­sized hangers to allow for maximum storage. Less accessible places will work best for off­season storage, but if you have enough room and don’t have to rotate clothes, use it to get oddball hats, bags, shoes, or sentimental items out of the basement and attic.

The right selection of furniture is of great importance. You could use cabinets with sliding doors, and you won’t need more space to open. Placing furniture in the walk­in closet space requires accuracy. Be careful when you determine also the need of dresser, chair or couch.

Closet Walk in DesignConsider good lighting. Natural light from windows or skylights is a plus, but think about the fading produced by sunlight. If sunlight is not available, provide good artificial light. It has to be placed between the contents of the closet and you as if it’s behind, you’ll cast a shadow on the items you are trying to see. Heat is one consideration you might not think of. Fluorescent lighting is usually the only reasonable solution.

The floor of your walk in closet is important because you’ll be standing on it bare feet every day. Carpet is the best bet for warm underfoot, but it can be difficult to vacuum, so go with vinyl or wood for maximum cleanability.

Know your habits. Closets work best if you know precisely how you’re going to use them. Think about how you prefer to get dressed and what you wear, and design your walk­in closet space to serve you. Put the most­used items around eye level and the less­used below. The least­used store high above. Create more shelf and drawer storage ­ most closets feature too much hanging storage.

Watch out for still­air breeders, such as mold and mildew. Any closet needs dehumidification and some airflow or it becomes breeding ground for such annoyances, even insects. A small fan, timed to go on and off at regular intervals, will pull air even when the door is shut. Another way for keeping things from getting musty, is a small dehumidifier.

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